A while back I shared a video looking inside the walls of a beef slaughter plant. If you missed it, I highly suggest you check out that post! In the post I said,

It’s no secret that customers of the meat industry have been searching for transparency within the industry for a while now. Every time an undercover video comes out or things like Lean Finely Textured Beef get “exposed”, people begin to scramble looking for answers. Where do they go to look for answers..? Their friends, their family, those people that they trust to provide them with the truth. I am sure that most people don’t go looking to American Meat Institute (AMI)  for answers. But regardless of where you go, AMI decided to finally join in the conversation of animal slaughter and began work on a video looking inside a slaughterhouse. And I am so thrilled that they’ve decided to join in this discussion because well, if I didn’t have the experiences I’ve had in my lifetime, known the many farmers and ranchers I do, as well as seen first hand many an animal slaughtered at large and small processors alike, I too would want to take up a vegetarian and vegan diet too! Those undercover videos put out by animal rights/animal welfare groups are hard to watch, they are very graphic, and quite frankly they aren’t how I want my industry to be portrayed.

American Meat Institue has now produced and released another video, this time taking us through a pork slaughter facility with narration by the esteemed Temple Grandin who has made huge advances working together with the packing plants to constantly improve their animal handling techniques as well as many other things. If you’ve followed our blog for some time, you know that we strive toward being transparent and we hope that as customers and consumers begin to ask more and more questions, the rest of the meat industry will follow suit. We have had some people in our own industry tell us that our customers don’t want to see this stuff. But we choose to share these things, even if they are hard to watch, because we appreciate honesty in our industry and think that it is important.

So if you’re really interested in an inside look of how a commercial slaughterhouse runs.. please watch this video.

DISCLAIMER: This video shows hogs being stunned, being bled, and de-haired. This video is graphic but it is a true and honest depiction of what really goes on.

We would like to thank AMI and especially Temple Grandin for all of their hard work.

We thank Dr. Grandin for the 21 years of assistance she has given us in better understanding livestock and working with their natural instincts to keep them calm and minimize stress. She has been our teacher, our partner and sometimes our critic. But she’s always been honest. We also thank her for her willingness to be part of this major step forward in transparency. – American Meat Institute

Please share with us your thoughts, your concerns, your questions. I’ve seen this process happen many, many times and I assure you, this video is how it happens folks. And we are working towards, one of these days, putting out our own video of Dave and his mobile slaughter truck in action!

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