Last week, we were invited to the local Weston A. Price Foundation chapter ( to do a demonstration on cutting up a 1/2 hog. And we were so honored to find out that over 100 people attended! We feel so privileged to be the “meat” voice for 0ver 100 people and share our knowledge of 45 years with them. Last week really cemented for me that we should start hosting public seminars to educate the everyday consumer about what it is that we do, because they want to know. They want to ask questions. And we love to answer questions and show what it is that we do! So enough words for wordless wednesday… I brought my camera along and captured some photos.

This is what a half carcass hog looks like

Tools of the Trade

Pulling the leaf lard (fat)

Showing the carcass

“Breaking” (separating) the shoulder from the rest of the carcass

The pork shoulder (boston butt)

He is explaining something 😉 Love the knife in his hand.

“Breaking” (separating) the loin from the belly and spare ribs

Ta-Da! The pork loin!

Mmmm…Bacon. The pork belly!

The spare ribs, which came off the belly!

Answering questions.

Thank you so much  to the local Weston A. Price chapter for hosting us, inviting so many members, and making us feel like meat rock stars! I didn’t capture all of the parts of the process SO if you are interested, please check out my blogpost on cutting up a whole hog from START to FINISH with photos!

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Eat some pork today!


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    1. jenniferdewey

      Thanks Colleen! I am planning on putting together a sausage seminar for the public! I agree, I think people would love this! I’ll let you know when I set dates so you can help get the word out! Thanks so much for your support!!

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