I came across this little graphic not too long ago, now for some of you, I am sure it is old news. But I was completely in awe at how many products are made using some part of the beef!  It really is amazing how technology has allowed us to use each and every part of the animal. Through technology, we are going back to the days where every part of the animal has a use. How cool is that!?


Please note: We are not endorsing the author in the conclusion that there is no such thing as vegan. We support any and all food choices, however, it does give some vegans food for thought. And gives us perspective at ALL the items one must avoid while attempting to successfully chose to be vegan.

Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Danielle horn

    I love this I always hate when people assume all we do with the animals is eat them. The little vegan forgets that all of their cosmetics, supplements & hair care products etc come from the by products of the animals we raise.

  2. Teresa Teague

    Mmm..well that is not really true.There are many cosmetics, personal hygiene products and supplements that do not contain any animal byproducts whatsoever.
    I am not a Vegan but, working in the Allergy speciality I learned a great deal about the contents of foods and products. Most people are not so ignorant as to believe that all we do is “eat” them. Though the vast majority of Ungulates including cows are used in the products noted in the illustration, Vegan products are made from Soy and other vegetable byproducts. A person must not only read the product label, but must understand what the ingredients are soas not to be mislead. It’s all about education. 😉

  3. Teresa Teague

    Sorry, I didn’t mean to minimize the post…it is truly amazing that we can utilize virtually every part of the animal which makes these animals invaluable as a species. 😉

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