This seems to be all the rage lately.. Whether it’s a fad or whether it will stick, there is no denying grass fed beef is a sought after commodity.. So here you go. Some images into the world of grass fed beef. And some proof that grass fed beef doesn’t have to be LEAN and in fact can contain plenty of finish and marbeling (beef term lingo literally meaning FAT!). These beef shown here have been custom processed for customers of ours meaning that it cannot be resold. However, we are NOW carrying a line of grass fed beef from Pacific Pastures, you can find more information on them here: Quantities and selection are limited for right now so come in and check out what we’ve got!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

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  1. Ian H Moore (@ianhmoore)

    Well now, if they aren’t some of the prettiest darn steaks I’ve ever seen! I know Grass fed is a thing a lot of people are interested in, but what are the claimed benefits of grass fed over grain fed?

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