Here’s to proving the fact that not all cattle are created equal. Just like us, they are all different. And that there is variety in one breed to another. Ever wonder why Angus is one of the choice breeds for meat products?? It’s because they produce a consistent product. These are all rib eye steaks and check out the variety. From grass fed to grain fed I love that our meat industry provides something for everyone. Variety really is the spice of life.




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  1. Angelo Ibleto

    I sell Angus choice NY. I never sell a steak the is previously precut. Regardless if a costumer need one or 10 of them, always cut them as they watch. They like in that way but, most of all, I like it myself. I don’t have time to guess ahead, they get exactly what they want, Funny, Many of the costumers ask for a inch and half thick steak, but, when I lay the knife to one inch and half size mark and, i say: look this is the thickness you asked for, 99% make move the knife to one inch size. Many ask me, also, what is the difference between a choice and a grass fed beef stake? My answer to them is quite simple and to the point. ” a choice steak, you enjoy it, a grass fed, you chew it ”
    You have good teeth? Fine. I have bad teeth because I chew on grass fed beef for 30 years before I came in this Country. No more.

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