So I bet you’ve never thought about the fact that Meat Shows do exist. And here is proof. Every year, we enter into the Cured Meats Championships at the State Level, sometimes at the National Level (which sometimes includes upwards of 500 products). The products are judged on external appearance, internal appearance, aroma, and taste. Workmanship plays a key role in the judging process and items which are chosen to win reflect the art of the craft. There really is an art to making a boneless ham or smoked turkey. So without further adieu, I give you, a look into the Cured Meat Show:



























































Are you hungry yet…? Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Sean Greer

    And based on the many, many awards that are posted on the walls of your store, it’s clear that you do very well at the Meat Shows that you enter! Keep up the great work!

  2. MEAT ME (@meatmeblog)

    The mustach dude starring at the sausage with the pencil in his hand. He deserves the “Coolest Dude in the WORLD award!” – He looks like a MEAT PIMP; much respect Sir… Much respect!!! He has the coolest job ever!!!

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