So yesterday I got the wonderful opportunity to attend a local Rotary meeting and present something regarding the meat industry today. I decided to take this opportunity to set straight a few myths commonly found in our meat production today. Being at the forefront of these is “Pink Slime” or LFTB and Hormones in Meat! I received such a wonderful response from my presentation, I decided that I would post it for everyone to check out. Granted, this is meant to be presented. However, I work very hard to present information that is very clear and easy to understand for anyone not involved in the meat industry, so even without being presented, you can still understand the main points of the presentation. Please click the link below and check it out! Feel free to share it with anyone and everyone in your circles… The only way we are ever going to get out of this new media sensationalism is if we can successfully spread the correct, science based information!

Meat Powerpoint

And I thank you, all my readers, for taking an interest in learning about my industry! It makes me so excited that people are so eager to learn about meat and how it’s really produced!

Happy Friday!

P.S. If you are wondering about any sources used, please shoot me an e-mail: and I would gladly link you to them!

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  1. IrishmaleinAmerica (@ianhmoore)

    You really should record an MP3 of yourself presenting this. People could then play it along with the slide show. Could also save the slideshow as a series of JPG files, put it into movie maker, add your presentation mp3 and upload to youtube. (it’s simple and hey, if you did the audio track, I’m more than happily do the video and audio syncing). I think it would be well worth it, this slide show is amazing and very well put together. Well done!

  2. Farm the Start

    This is great! (and I agree with the commenter above about adding audio)

    Very well presented, love the perspective slides, and overall just very impressed.

    One question I do have about the hormone section…In the cause for concern slides it says “Hormone levels in beef produced using growth hormones are well within the range of normally occurring levels”…do you mean normally occurring levels in the cattle or in the humans eating the beef? And if it’s within the normally occurring levels, why does it need to be added?

    Thanks! Keep up the great work with Agriculture & Consumer relations :)

    1. jenniferdewey

      It is added to increase efficiency of weight gain and other reasons given in the presentation… Basically it enables cattle to turn feed into weight gain more efficiently. And the inclusion of the statement of it being well within range of normally occurring levels is included simply to address the issue that cattle aren’t given an implant that suddenly SPIKES their levels of naturally occurring hormones. Rather, they are given the implant and over time it gradually releases rather than causing a spike or overloading them with hormones like some people tend to think. I hope this answers/addresses your question and I am so sorry for the delay in a response! Thank you for commenting! I appreciate you taking the time to read and discuss! :)

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