Well you always know it’s been spring weather around here because we get our run of sheep through our mobile slaughter truck. Yesterday, owner Dave Dewey, had his work cut out for him harvesting all these lambs. In 90 degree heat! Nobody every said the job of a butcher was easy! So today, take a minute to thank those people who work hard to put food onto your plates!



Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Angelo Ibleto

    Lambs, lambs and more lambs. Your topic Jenny brought in my mind how the custom butchering was 20/ 25 years ago here in Sonoma County. One morning, just about this time of the year, I butchered 15 spring lamb. Before the day was over, 4 other (only Custom Butcher) delivered lambs to me. In the end of the day, including my 15 the count totaled at 65. Thinking back, I don’t know how in hell we could have done all that work.
    Also I remember the, one day three butcher and 4 fast wrappers we started to cut lams at 11 oclock. I start the bend saw and never shot it off until 12, In 60 minutes 20 Santa Rosa Fair lambs were cut, wrapped end put away. Shot the saw and lunch time. All the people involve are still around today.

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