We all know that girls just wanna have fun.. But sometimes boys do too! I got the opportunity to make sausage this last weekend with two boys (8 and 10) and let me tell you, I wish my employees were that enthusiastic about making sausage! This is what I love about my job. The opportunity to TEACH people where their meat  comes from, especially youngsters! :) Thank you Mitchell and Andrew for all your help, you two did a fantastic job! And thank goodness someone was there to capture it all while I was running the Mercedes and having way too much fun with the boys!

Well there you have it! Too much fun! Happy Wednesday Everyone!
On a side note… After this experience, it got my wheels turning.. I really do think my dad should teach workshops. People would attend. Kids and adults alike! He thinks I’m crazy!? What do you think!? If we held a workshop on a Sunday, would you attend!?

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  1. Angelo Ibleto

    No I would not attend. My life is 100% full of excitements and not sure if I have room in me to see strangers handle my sausages. It would be like a person being in need of brain surgery and go to Bodega Bay to pic a Salmons filleter to do the job. During the years, I agree to many, many very interested adults,(not kids) to come and see how and help as sausages are made. All, drove me nut, the sausages the touch were not close to be perfect and most of all, made me loose time. No more.
    Jenny, listen to your dad, he is right, your idea consist in lots waist of time the, I am sure you don’t have, especially with a bunch of kids around. Don’t forget Jenny, we might go around the shop occasionally, with a dirty apron but we have a very rewarding and serious mission job ahead of us, everyday we open the shop doors.


  2. Mr Moore (@ianhmoore)

    Honestly, if I was nearer, I’d love to do a work shop or something like that. Not just sausages, but learn about cuts of meat, HOW to cut meat, different way to marinade, the difference between a wet and dry rub, heck, even what wine or beer really brings out the flavor in each.

    I like the educational posts on the blog, but doing it up close and in person would just be so much more awesome.

  3. MEAT ME (@meatmeblog)

    This sounds like an awesome idea! What better way to educate kids and expose them to how meat is prepared and made. When children aren’t exposed to things you can tell. You can ask a sheltered child would like to do when they grow up and most of them say doctor or police officer. Nothing wrong with that. If you start something like this then you might have people who want to work in the meat industry because they love it and hopefully good hired help won’t be hard to come by. Last I checked sausage wasn’t brain surgery and I don’t know a lot of kids who want to be brain surgeons when they grow up. Thank God for that!

    Keep doing what your doing what your doing I don’t know a lot of people who work 6 days a week an love what they do.

    P.S. I agree I don’t like strangers handling my sausages either 😉

  4. Jessica

    Would love to have a workshop…actually have been thinking lately about how I would like to learn more about meat–butchering, deboning chickens, etc.

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