Well here we are again for Wordless Wednesday but today I am featuring something new! A video! For those of you who have never seen our Mercedes featured here in action. Here’s a video so you know why she indeed is in need of an ode. She makes our job so much easier!

TA-DA! Isn’t Mercedes awesome!? She makes the job of stuffing 400 lbs. of sausage possible in about an hour, whereas before that was an all day task having to hand link each and every sausage! It’s amazing to look back on how far we’ve come in 45 years! Hand linking to a Handtmann and everywhere in between! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Angelo Ibleto

    Hello Jenny. I am familiar with the Mercedes sausages machine but, it is not for me. Why? Because the people the made the Mercedes sausage machine forgot to make a smokehouse the smoke/cook the sausages as fast as it makes them.

    Happy New Year to you, family and the Chico Locker crew.

    Angelo. wwwangelossmokehouse .com

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