Well ready or not, fair season is amongst us! We are currently working towards finishing up cutting animals from the Glenn County Fair, starting on animals from the Silver Dollar Fair, and next week we will be getting animals in from the Colusa County Fair, PHEW!

Here’s just a glimpse into what fair means to us…

This is what 43 hogs looks like hanging… And this is just the beginning…

Holy pork chops! Check out these bad boys! I heart pork! How about you!?

We cut up and marinated 6 lambs for the Silver Dollar Buyer’s Appreciation Dinner.. If you bought an animal at the Silver Dollar Fair, don’t miss out on this event! And if you didn’t, next year look into supporting a child and filling YOUR freezer!

And finally… A view we don’t share too often.. This is a behind the scenes look into our freezer… I show this to y’all because when we say we are running out of space.. We are literally running out of space! We appreciate you picking up your meat in a timely manner so we can make room for more! :)

Well as you can see, fair season leaves little room and lots of work! Happy Wednesday everyone!

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