First of all, let me apologize my fellow blog readers. I am long overdue for a post! But life at the butcher shop has been hectic. Deer season is in full swing and Thanksgiving is looming only two weeks away. Our smokehouse is going to start going non-stop in order to keep up! So I wanted to start doing something new. I missed wordless wednesday this week, blog FAIL! But never fear, here I am. And with some fun meat facts. To start it off, it’s all about the beef.

Two seems to be a very popular number when it comes to a whole carcass of beef. In fact, there are three cuts on a whole beef that only yield you two of them. What are those three cuts!? Can anyone name them..? I hope so!

Fun Meat Fact #1: On a whole beef, there are only two tri-tips

This, I think, is an interesting concept for those of us West Coasters. Tri-tip seems like such a common thing, we see it everywhere. But did you know that there are only TWO on one whole beef!? It really makes you think when we marinate the 400 lbs. a week during the summer that we do. That took a whole bunch of cattle in order to supply the demand West Coasters have created for tri-tip.

Fun Meat Fact #2: On a whole beef, there are only two briskets

As far as the West Coast goes, I don’t think we have such a close relationship with brisket. But even if you do, or you like corned beef brisket. There are only two found on one whole beef so cherish them. I, myself, LOVE brisket and if you’re looking for a great recipe on how to cook it, I’d recommend the Pioneer Woman. Recipes can be found here:

Fun Meat Fact #3: On a whole beef, there are only two flank steaks

If you haven’t discovered the beauty of flank steak, please do. It makes for great stir fry or something similar. The Pioneer Woman uses flank steak in many of her recipes as well. Here is a great recipe for Marinated Flank Steak   And yes, there are only two so use them wisely.

So how many of you knew this!? Anyone willing to admit they had no idea..? Don’t be shy, I’d love to hear from you! And anyway, that’s what we are here for. To educate you all. :) So hopefully Fun Meat Fact Fridays will be a trend I can continue sticking with. And you can continue learning about all things meat. Thank you for tuning in and bearing with us through the busy times. Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Ian H Moore (@ianhmoore)

    Excellent educational post. Seriously, not enough people know what they should about meat (yes, I’m one of them). Having clear cut info like this is a great help and also insightful. For someone who is new to the industry, this is little bites of information that’s pretty helpful and useful. Thanks again and I’ll be tuning in every Friday now.

    1. jenniferdewey

      Yay! I’m so glad people are learning! That is the reason I started this… Sometimes even people who are immersed in it learn new things… I learn new things every WEEK at the shop it seems! 😉

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