Well everyone it is time to reveal the results from last week’s wordless wednesday and the winner of our BACON BAG! First of all, the correct identification for the carcass was… A BEAR!!

Now how can you tell? Well the fat is what lead many of you to believe wild boar which is a pretty darn good response. But the number one indicator is the forearms..

Check out the bend in them…  To me that suggests the animal has a range of motion much like a predator (bear or cougar) whereas a deer, elk, or wild hog does not and once the carcass hangs on the rail, their forearms are straight! Check out the photo below for comparison!

I’d like to thank everyone for participating! I was completely blown away by the response that we received and will start to make giveaways a monthly thing around here!

And now for our big winner… We only had ONE correct response which was made by Justin (PBHoss) so kudos to him for figuring out that tricky carcass was a bear! You’ve won yourself a bacon bag my friend!

And our random.org generated winner goes to DAN B . Please e-mail me at dancincow16@hotmail.com with an address to send the bag, OR if you are local, give me your name so you can come retrieve your prize! Congratulations!

Again, thanks to everyone for participating! And stay tuned for the return of Fun Meat Fact Friday this week! Happy Wednesday everyone!