Last week we were disheartened to realize we had been on the receiving end of a thief. All of you who have been to our business know that we have a loading dock in front of the majority of our building (see below).

Photo courtesy of Meat Me

Photo courtesy of Meat Me

And on this dock sits our rendering barrels, our hose, and a barrel of high concentrate soap (or de-greaser) we use to clean up every night. To an everyday by passer, you wouldn’t really know that soap was there. It looks just like another empty barrel sitting there.

But to one man last week late at night, it must have looked like an opportunity and he backed his truck up to it and stole it. Now this soap isn’t cheap so we consulted our security camera to maybe look into who did this, but we were never able to see the license plate and the individual on camera wasn’t easily identifiable but his truck was. So we took a screen shot of it and put it up on our Facebook page.

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Thief caught on camera

And it literally went viral. A local lifestyle page in Chico picked it up and the next thing we knew, the phone was ringing off the hook, the local news had contacted us, some local police officers came in to check it out, and person after person kept sharing the photo. We were amazed how quickly word got out and the photo got around. But more importantly, we were totally blown away by the support we received.

Last week the power of social media showed itself to us. And we couldn’t be more thankful for each and every one of you who helped us find this thief. It is thanks to all of your efforts that he was found, our property is returned, and the situation is being dealt with.

We shared last week on our Facebook page that this situation confirmed to us we have the best customers, fans, and friends around. We work hard daily to provide the community with quality products, but we also value the people we do business with. It is because of our customers that our family has been supported and in business for 45 years. We appreciate your business, we appreciate your loyalty, and we appreciate your support. From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

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  1. straightshooter

    Awesome, hope he gets the max justice – no excuse. Me and my wife had the pleasure of visting and doing business (900lb of processed, 21 day dry aged, and packaged Colusa County steer) a few weeks ago for the first time with your professional company and sampled a few sandos from your tasty deli – we will be back!!!

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