Just when I thought LFTB (Lean Finely Textured Beef) was out of my life… Here it comes, popping back in. But this time it’s not to due to some negative press.. No it’s much different. I was delighted when I received our American Association of Meat Processors monthly newsletter and the Executive Secretary of our Association had decided to write an article regarding the issue. Now for those of you who are over it, I am not meaning to beat a dead horse here. This article brings up many more issues besides just LFTB so I encourage you to please  give it a read. With an ever growing population and the United States as the main food producer and a shortage of cattle starting to become a reality, now we take LFTB out of production…?? With cutting our food supply, how are we ever going to feed all these people?

Thank you so much to the American Association of Meat Processors for giving me permission to post this article and share it with y’all. It’s not usual that we get to circulate our member newsletter..

And please, feel free to comment on the issues the article brings up.. Do you think that by cutting production of LFTB we are being responsible stewards for the REST of the world..?

Here’s the link to the wonderful video put out by Cargill (also cited in the article): www.cargill.com/news/cargill-finely-textured-beef/index.jsp

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  1. Farm the Start

    Thank you for going through the trouble to ask permission to share this newsletter. I am very impressed by the emphasized commitment to the meat industry as a whole, no matter where your business falls in the use (or not use) of LFTB. It is always crucial to remember we are in this together, and if we begin to turn organic vs. non-organic or LFTB against non-LFTB, we are only creating negativity and drawing attention away from both party’s true goals: to provide healthy food options for the public.

    1. jenniferdewey

      Thank you for the wonderful comment! And yes, the man that wrote it is absolutely committed to the industry, dealing with businesses of all sizes and specialties. He really is an inspiration.

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