This is a call for meat lovers to be featured right here! All my readers and customers love learning about meat and where it comes from. But they have one thing to add: teach me how to cook it!

If any of you have been following me, you know that my family loves to cook. And we like to think we are pretty good at it. But on top of working full time and blogging, there just isn’t time to consistently feature my cooking. That’s where my bright idea comes into play! I can feature my readers, my customers, and my social media friends! And they can show us how they like to cook some of their favorite meat dishes!

So here’s what I’m looking for:
– a recipe cooking some form of meat that is: affordable, fairly simple, and delicious. I am trying to appeal to the masses here so although you may love something exotic like duck, some may not have access to that.
– include photos of the process and final product. These don’t have to be professional, IPhone photos work just fine for me!
– use this as an opportunity to promote yourself. Include a little personal narrative. People like reading about how you learned to cook, who you cook for, etc.
– don’t forget to include links to your personal blog, website, Facebook, or Twitter

Please email entries to and title them: Chico Locker Guest Post so that it doesn’t get lost in my junk mail.

I look forward to the entries and thank you in advance! If you have any questions, please email me or comment below!