• December 7, 2011
  • Pork

If you missed last Friday’s post you probably missed the tag line that Bacon makes everything better.. And us here at Chico Locker approve that message!

If you are interested in joining us in support of Bacon, we have shirts available for sale! New shipment yesterday! Adult sizes, children sizes! Come in and check them out! Share with the world your love of bacon as well as support for Chico Locker!

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  1. Angelo Ibleto

    Hi Jenny; Glad about your plug about bacon. If just few years back somebody would have told how much bacon I sell today, I would have suggested to go see a head Doctor. As you know, (I am sure) years back at the National AAMP convention I won the second best bacon in the entire USA. Costumers love my bacon and now, proudly, I sell more them 200 ponds weekly. The fresh pork belly I use for it, come from Europe Scandinavian Countries, they are absolutely beautiful and meaty. Over there people do not believe in chewing on bones so, when they remove the pork rib from the bellies they are removed absolutely clean and free of meat the belong to the bacon. That is what make Angelo’s bacon special among other things. In the USA bellies ribs have half inch of meat on them the should belong to the side of the Bacon. Eyes appealing is very important to the buyer also. I like my bacon wide and meaty not, skinny and fat. All the best to you and family.


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